Tuesday, October 28, 2008

second opinion

after going up and down all weekend i thought i was ok to go to work yesterday. zac wouldn't let me. he also managed to get a work car and told me to book a doctor's appointment at the clinic that doesn't bulk bill. he came and picked me up after lunch and took me there. apparently i still have a fairly high fever (the other doctor insisted i had no fever even though i'd told him i'd had panadol exactly 4 hours earlier-- obviously the panadol hadn't worn off and the fever hadn't come back yet at that point). she actually checked all of me (my ears, breathing and throat-- and she said my troat was fine). then she said she'd like to have a blood test done for glandular fever. zac ended up having to drive me down to st. vincents (and attempt to park within a km of the hospital) so i could get the blood test done and i'll find out tomorrow if i have glandular fever or not (doesn't really matter i guess cuz whether its just a flu virus of glandular fever there's nothing i can do for it but rest and drink lots of fluids). she did give me a doctor's certificate so i can't go back to work all week. i called the director and told her i wouldn't be in the rest of the week and said "see you next monday i guess". after i hung up i realized i wouldn't see her monday-- this week is her last week 8( and next monday the center is closed because tuesday is cup day (melbourne cup is a horse race the first tuesday of november. we get a public holiday for it and a lot of services also take the monday as a holiday). i happen to have r.d.o.'s scheduled for next wednesday and friday too so the only day i go to work next week is thursday. i guess this gives me lots of time to rest up and get better.


Beverly said...

Hmm. Never heard of Glandular Fever. Must be an Aussie thing. I hope you get your answers and enjoy your time resting.

shawna said...

its mono (just refered to as glandular fever here). i find out today if i have it but the other doctor (who didn't do the test for it) said he's pretty sure that's not it but he thinks i might have a bit of pneumonia or some other chest infection.