Friday, October 31, 2008

maybe getting better

i went back to the first doctor yesterday (who really didn't want to test my iron and other vitamin and mineral levels) to find out the results. iron and b12 are fine. zinc is a bit low (which could be why i got as sick as i did). i also mentioned to him that i've had a rapidly worsening cough over the past week even though i figured he'd just dismiss it as a virus. when i mentioned i'd been coughing up a lot of phlegm he looked like he was starting to take me seriously that something is actually really wrong with me. he took my temperature and was quite surprised that i had a fairly high fever (i wasn't surprised). then he noticed some "noise" when listening to my breathing and said i definitely have some sort of chest infection. he printed out 2 different antibiotic prescriptions and mentioned something about a chest xray. he never ended up giving me anything to get the chest xray done though. today i went back to the second doctor (well a different doctor at the second clinic since i couldn't get an appointment with the original doctor there). she gave me the results of my glandular fever test which pretty much said i didn't have active glandular fever but i had it at some point in the past (?!?). when i mentioned the other doctor giving me antibiotics and that he'd said something about a chest xray she decided to give me the form to go get that done. zac drove me down to the xray place (its been great he's been able to get the work car and sneak off to take me to all these appointments between clients) and i had the xrays done. the technician went off to check that the xrays were clear and then came back and said to me "are you on antibiotics?" i told her yes and she said "but just since today right?" obviously something is showing up on my xray but she can't say anything. it'll be sent to my doctor on monday (and because of the public holiday tuesday i won't find out about the results until wednesday). she did say that if i wasn't on antibiotics right now the xrays would have been rushed to my doctor for her to review and give me antibiotics. so hopefully by monday (after i'm done most of the antibiotics) i'll be feeling much better and maybe i'll even make it to work on thursday....

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