Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sick. again.

i've never been sick so many times in my life. and not just a couple little colds either. full on flu like illnesses. i think this one has been going since last saturday. we went out and had some drinks with friends. we came home late afternoon and i fell asleep for a couple hours (not like me-- i blamed the heat and the beer but now i'm thinking otherwise). sunday i woke up fine then started to feel a bit achy and flu-like. i just ignored it, took some ibuprofin and we went out. we came home about the time the meds would have worn off and i felt absolutely horrible. i went to lay down while zac cooked dinner. i ended up not getting up and i couldn't eat dinner. monday i just stayed in bed all day. i tried not to take any meds cuz i knew the fever would kill whatever bug i had but my skin hurt soooooo much from the achiness that i had to. tuesday i thought i was fine so i went into work and started feeling horrible. my boss arranged someone to cover me and i went home 3 hours later (longest 3 hours at work ever). i felt like i was dying all afternoon. i managed not to take any fever reducing things for several hours but by evening i felt absolutely horrible. i took some panadol and after feeling worse for 45 minutes i felt good enough to get up and make a smoothie. i think today its finally starting to go away. i haven't had to take anything. i think i've still got a bit of a fever but i'm not achy and my body is just kind sore from all the lying around i've done. i'm going to the doctor tomorrow to see about getting blood tests done. i'll probably have to wait a bit to get them done since i've barely eaten since saturday (at least what's gone down has stayed down). its not normal for me to get sick like this (especially multiple times).
wombat has been very good about this whole thing. not once has she asked/demanded or even hinted that she'd like me to take her for a walk (she still tells zac twice a day she wants to go) and she's spent most of her time under the covers with her head poking out next to mine or laying on the foot of the bed like a proper dog (something she's just recently learned). even when zac got home last nite she still spent the rest of the nite curled up next to me instead of being out in the lounge room with zac (and then zac put her on her own bed when he came in).


Beverly said...

Just saw the link to your blog in K-A's side bar.

I hope you start feeling better soon!

How perceptive of your 'Wombat' to not make any demands on you when you feel gross.

Brooke said...

I had that flu too. It was by far the worst flu I had ever had. Every time I moved my skin crawled, I was in so much pain it was difficult to take a shower because the water felt really prickly! I wonder if this move to full fledged veganism has affected your immune system? Feel better soon

shawna said...

i don't think its the veganism cuz i've been sick a lot this year before deciding to go vegan. my boss thinks its an iron deficiency but even though i know i'm on the lower end of the iron requirements i've always had enough hemoglobin when i've given blood in the past year or 2.