Tuesday, August 19, 2008

spring is coming!

i guess it's less than 2 weeks until spring officially begins. nature has already started to show signs its on its way!
our nectarine tree is budding:

our pineapple sage:

i got the pineapple sage as a cutting from work a few years ago. its now this HUGE thing that i have already clipped back a lot once.
even some of the succulents that i got as cuttings from a work mate last year are flowering this year!
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Brooke said...

You have a nectarine tree? Thats one of my favourite fruits!!!!

shawna said...

we have 2: a baby one (the one that the biggest blossoms are on right now) that usually only gets 10 or so fruit and a big one that is always LOADED but unfortunately they all seem to ripen at the exact same moment and its always in the middle of a bunch of 40C days where its too hot to pick them and then they drop to the ground and we lose a good part of them (they cook when they hit the pavement on those days)