Friday, August 08, 2008

little lego men

the kids at work have been pretty good this week for the most part. they're finally getting the idea of how it all works at kinder and how to relate to their friends and solve problems they have. this afternoon me and my co-worker were commenting how quiet it was and it felt like we didn't have many kids. we checked the list and we had 19. they were so settled though. 2 minutes before i was off my co-worker commented again how quiet it was and then i heard crying coming from the lego table. i went over to find 2 boys fighting over a lego man. one boy had snatched it off another. i told him he had 2 choices: give it back and wait his turn for it or leave the lego area. he refused to give it back so i removed him kicking and screaming. i blocked the entrance to the area with my body while he shoved himself against me trying to get back in and grab the lego man again (and while this is happening i have another child telling me his thumb hurts where a "little black mark"--splinter--is and another child just trying to shake my hand repeatedly-- both of them completely oblivious to the screaming child ramming his body into me). my co-worker came over and helped calm the tantrum kid. i looked at the clock and it was now 5 min past when i was supposed to be off. nice-- i got to leave on that horrible note after having a really nice day with the kids. i just gotta forget about it and let my weekend begin (the best part about not being a parent-- i can leave them when they start getting cranky in the late afternoon).

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