Sunday, August 03, 2008

back to the 80's

(such a horrible photo!)
last nite was my work's annual fundraiser which is organized by the parent committee. it's an auction dinner and this year's theme was 80's. i'm not a big fan of fancy dress stuff but after talking to all the other staff i realized i would be the only one if i didn't dress up so yesterday morning i rushed around to 3 different op shops and found some tight jeans, an oversized jumper with a huge neck that i could hang off one shoulder and another similar coloured sweater that i could cut the sleeves off to make leg warmers. then i made a matching scrunchie to put my hair in a side pony tail. i got a lot of comments about how cute i looked and that style suits me which was a little scary. there were some pretty terrible outfits last nite-- especially one co-worker who was brave enough to wear black spandex with a fluro pink aerobics thing on top with the fluro pink ass forming a wedgie over the black spandex on her butt. she did have a hot pink t-shirt over the top part (although her friend wanted her to take it off). she pulled if off well but i think some of the dads were staring a bit too much. the funniest thing during the nite was definitely the parents. the people we normally see in their work attire or possibly in some casual clothes. seeing them with big hair, the worst clothes from the 80s (some of it straight from the back of their closets) and dancing a little too enthusiastically to the 80s songs was soooo funny! like one of my co-workers said: we'll never be able to look at them the same again.
i did find it funny how many comments i got from parents (not just last nite but over the last week or so when the dinner was mentioned) about me (and most of the other staff) not even being able to remember the 80s and saying most of us were born during it. they're quite shocked when i say i was born in the 70s (late 70s) and that most of the other staff around my age are 4-6 years older than me. we only have 1 or 2 that are 80s children.

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