Wednesday, August 20, 2008

cool dog

she puts up with a lot. i figured that taking her photo with the flash on is probably nicer when she gets to wear sunnies anyway so its not really torturing her (as much).
she had a bad morning. zac lets her chase the pigeons in her expendable lead and apparently this morning the lead came to a stop while she was going past a picnic table. she got jerked back and somehow cut her head and her hip on the table. she seems fine with it but i've been putting cream on the cuts so they don't get infected. apparently zac also tries to use the brake on the lead to stop it from extending. i've told him before that you can't do that because it will break. he didn't listen. he broke our $40 dog lead (yes we spent $40 on a lead because she needed something strong and guaranteed not to break--the guarantee doesn't cover it breaking from misuse)!!! i managed to find another one online (and on sale!) but it probably won't get here until next week so she's stuck on an extra long regular lead until then(no running in the park when she's on walks with me for the next few days).

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