Sunday, August 24, 2008

capturing the moment

yesterday i was taking photos of plants around the yard. the dog was outside with me just wandering around eating grass. i walked down the side of the house to get some pictures of raindrops on a vine and after a minute or so i heard wimpering. i walked back into the yard to find wombat had somehow got behind a fence i had set up so she wouldn't eat the compost i burried in the garden a few weeks ago. before rescueing her i decided to take a photo (since i had my camera in my hands-- i wouldn't have left her to go find it if i didn't have it). the photo was supposed to be something like this (this one was taken afterwards):

instead i got this:

at the moment i took the photo she decided to use her head to barge out. it didn't work and she ended up with the algae-water from the bird bath landing all over her freshly bathed (less than half an hour earlier) back. poor stupid. she's lucky she decided to do that when we were home and not when we left her outside by herself.
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