Tuesday, August 05, 2008

best random adventure ever

when i was in university i kind of became known for taking off on random adventures. me and my friends kristila and kerri often ended up doing things like ending up in seattle for coffee, lynden for ice cream or portland for dinner. for ages we joked about going for coffee in california. one gray afternoon at the start of our week of spring break (for which we had no big plans) kristila, kerri, one of kerri's dorm mates melinda and i hopped into kristila's car and decided we'd go for coffee in california. by the time we got to seattle we decided that there was nowhere really interesting in the most northern part of cali so we decided our destination would be the golden gate bridge in san fransisco. the photo above was actually taken on the way home. on the way there it was late at nite and we went thru the mountains where we discovered snow:
me getting ready to walk (part way) across the golden gate bridge:
in sausalito with the golden gate bridge behind us:

i [heart] the ocean (especially with waves like in cali): after having a coffee, walking the golden gate bridge and a quick walk around the downtown area we hopped back in the car and started driving back along the coast. we ended up stopping somewhere in either northern cali or oregon and spent the nite at a cheap motel (kristila and kerri were the only 2 that could drive stick) before driving the rest of the trip back to canada. that was my first trip to cali. a year later i went back for 10 days on a a road trip with some other friends and then ended up moving to san diego for 18 months to work at an outdoor ed camp program.
(the photos aren't great cuz it was long before i went digital and our scanner isn't very good either)


Jessica said...

Found you at That's My Answer! What a cool story! :) It's doing stuff like this that makes life great.

Bev Sykes said...

I came over from That's My Answer too. What a great adventure. As a native Californian (and native San Franciscan), I'm glad you enjoyed my city and my state!