Sunday, August 31, 2008

champagne birthday

apparently when you turn the age of your date of birth it's your champagne birthday-- that's what my birthday was/is this year. so yesterday (and today) i celebrate turning 30 on the 30th (it was the 30th here yesterday but since i was born on canadian time, not aussie time, i consider today still my birthday).
we started the day by having breakfast at c.e.r.e.s. (which we'd never done before). i had hot indonesian eggs which was amazing!! a bed of rice with some sort of sauce on it it think then salad (with mint and coriander) on top with peanuts and a bit of chili the 2 perfectly fried eggs on top of that and a bit of chilli sauce on the side. zac just had a vegan brownie since he'd eaten breakfast at home before i could stop him.
after taking the dog out we headed down to brunswick street for a second coffee-- we (read: zac) got up earlier than usual so this second coffee happened around the time we would normally go for a weekend coffee. we then had a couple beers at a couple pubs before heading home for a nap.
i decided to do my birthday dinner at a mexican place i'd heard about on johnson st. zac won't usually go for mexican (other than trippy taco) since most australian mexican is just cheesy stuff and not vegan friendly. we had several friends join us for dinner at los amates. the food was sooooo good and i don't think we had to wait long considering we were a group of 10 and the menu had a disclaimer that meals may have a delay since they are all made to order (the menu also had a disclaimer that some of the prices may have gone up because of the rising cost of corn and rice). they were able to vegan-ize the vegetarian burrito for zac which he said was pretty average (but i guess a lot of the flavours would be in the cheese and guacamole). my vegie enchiladas were really nice (and the nachos we all shared were really good too). i didn't really drink much (just one big sangria) but i tasted a couple other drinks (like mexican beer poured into a glass with a half cup or so of lime juice and salt around the rim----- sooooooo good!).
i'd go back again. it was a good way to celebrate the day.

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