Saturday, January 09, 2010

up and down

it got to 38.4C today (and that would have been right about the time we walked up to get coffee). i did say to zac when we were about 200m from our house on the walk home that the breeze suddenly felt a bit "cool" (meaning the breeze didn't feel hotter than the sun). it dropped pretty quickly to a pleasant 29C and now it feels cold to me when i tried to sit outside still in my singlet (tank top) but apparently its 21C. the house still feels hot though. mostly cuz our house is stupid and the lounge room only has 1 window that opens in it(and it's less than 3m away from another house so there's not much air blowing in through it). tomorrow is supposed to be just reasonably hot (33C) and then we're gonna get over 40C on monday. i think i prefer this to freezing in canada though.

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