Saturday, January 09, 2010

120 cafe

it's the closest cafe to our house but we'd never been until today (they have only been open a few months and i'm pretty sure they aren't open sundays because we noticed they were closed a couple sundays that we wandered past). we only got coffee but i think we'll have to go back for breakfast or lunch at some point. there's only a couple vegan options but they sound good: for breakfast they had toast with avocado "120 style" and for lunches vegan panini on offer with any 5 ingredients and vegan cheese available (for an extra $.50). when i ordered my "ice coffee with soy milk and no ice cream but ice cubes instead" (my standard hot day coffee) i did hear one of the girls say to the other as we sat down "we should get some soy ice cream" (i'd probably become a regular there on hot days if i could actually get my iced coffee with ice cream).
120 cafe is at 120 nicholson st east brunswick (just south of blyth, across from RRR)

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