Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i made some of colby cheez based on the recipe here but when i went to put the paprika in (and i'm sure all those options listed with the paprika are to make the cheeze orange more than flavour it) i realized we only have smoked paprika. i decided to go with the smoked paprika cuz carrots in cheeze don't really soound nice (even if i'm sure they don't really alter the flavour much). the smoked parika is AMAZING in the cheeze (but i like pretty much anything with a smoky flavour). the cheeze so good in black bean burritos (with homemade refried black beans from the really easy recipe in hot damn and hell yeah and fresh salsa). i halved the recipe when i made it but we've already gone thru half of it since last nite so i'll be making a full batch in the next couple days.
for dessert last nite i decided to try banana soft serve. sooooo good and way too easy to make (and what better way to endure a 43C evening). i even made the chocolate syrup which was really nice too. i'm gonna have to make some more cuz want to try it with passionfriut on top (one of my favourite fruits).
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Seitahn said...

The cheese and banana icecream ROCK, right??!!

I have borrowed the uncheese cookbook from a friend but I just said to my other half that if he ever sees it in the shop to buy it IMMEDIATELY!
(I have not seen it in the shops - may have to get it off the net)

You MUST try the icecream with passionfuit - it's one my favourite fruit also!