Thursday, January 21, 2010


i have been meaning to try sprouting seeds for a couple years but never got around to it until last week. i can't believe how easy it is. i looked for instructions on several websites (some more complicated than others) and ended up mostly following this site which has very simple instructions. i got some alfalfa sprouting seeds from the organic shop because they're cheap to try and they're one of the quickest and easiest to use. i used an old tahini jar and a small piece of muslin. the photos in the collage (soaking until 1/2 sprouted) were all taken in about a 52hour time frame and i had ready to eat sprouts in about 72 hours from starting. i only soaked my seeds for about 4 hours (the packet said about 4, websites suggest overnite. i think smaller ones like alfalfa are fine with just a few hours).

jar of sprouts from one heaped tablespoon of seeds:
(yes, the photo is sepia because i forgot i had the white balance on a weird custom setting for our lounge room and took a very blue-toned photo of the sprouts which apparently i never looked at after i took because i didn't notice until the next morning when i uploaded the photos to the computer and the sprouts were no longer in the jar and some were eaten. sepia is the easiest way to fix the problem)

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steph said...

I really want to try sprouting my own alfalfa, but I'm always really intimidated. You make it look very easy, so perhaps there's hope for me yet!