Tuesday, January 05, 2010

crazy dreams

we went to a late screening of avatar last nite. it was really good (although i did feel a bit motion sick about 1/2 way thru but fortunately the feeling passed pretty quickly and without seeing dinner again). the only thing was that we got home and pretty much went straight to bed. i ended up having really weird dreams all thru the nite that were mixed up 3d movie things combined with outside sounds (at one point in my dream people were stealing zac's bike from out front--we don't even keep them out front overnite any more since mine was stolen 18 months ago--and we ended up chatting to the theives after i caught them). i also think that zac and i were actually talking to each other in our sleep at one point until i woke myself up (i've seen friends do this before when a bunch of us shared a room at camp and 2 of us were insomniacs-- we listened to others talk in their sleep, sometimes we'd talk to them and a couple times we actually heard 2 of them talking to each other-- it was weird). i was so exhausted this morning that i actually fell asleep right away every time zac hit his snooze alarm (usually i'm half awake by the second one and fairly awake and just resting by the time he gets up). i really liked the movie though (zac came out saying "that was soooo stupid! entertaining but stupid").

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