Thursday, January 07, 2010


my coriander that i raved about didn't end up lasting very long-- i think it may have been my fault though so i'll try once more. i ended up having a bunch of it to use up yesterday before it completely wilted. i thought it was more than would go into a batch of salsa (it turned out it wasn't much more so i could have just done salsa) so i started looking up other things to do that required a fairly big amount of coriander (cilantro). i came across a recipe for cilantro pesto in vegan planet and decided i'd give that a try even though i've never really wanted to try any pesto recipe that didn't involve pine nuts (this one had almonds). i ended up having to quarter the recipe because there wasn't as much coriander as i thought but my little batch of pesto is really nice on crackers (and i might make a small serve of pasta for lunch to use up the rest of it). at least now i have a good way to use up coriander.
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Kristy said...

Looks yummy!

By the way, I'm having a "cheese" potluck at the end of Feb. You should come if you a free. If you interested just email me at inthemoodfornoodles (dot) (com) (gmail) (com)