Tuesday, June 30, 2009

spring and winter

it was soooo nice this morning (and this afternoon until about 20 minutes ago). zac didn't even turn on the heat at all (i got to sleep in cuz it's school holidays and i'm only working a couple shifts this week and today wasn't one of them). i put the dog's blankets thru a quick wash to try to get some of the doggy smell out of them (they were getting pretty bad and giving her have a doggy smell too-- she doesn't normally have much of a dog smell). i hung them outside with our towels in the sun and wind to dry and i went off on my bike in search of chocolate beer. i rode down to carlton the walked around to a few bookshops before going to the cellars only to discover they didn't have any (next place to try is st. kilda). it was like spring time walking around. sunny and windy. and warm!! i just had sandals on and a thin long sleeve top. the ride home was a bit of an effort with the very slight up hill slope and the WIND. the wind made it sooo hard. a couple minutes after i got home a few drops of rain started so i've brought all the stuff in and it's almost dry! even wombat's thick furry padded mat that she sleeps on at nite! it's been a while since i've had laundry dry that quickly. now it's horribly grey and dark out and the rain keeps sprinkling on and off and the wind is banging everything around. it feels like winter again. i've got a fleece jumper on and i'm wondering how long i can go before getting socks on.

update (4:35pm):

and the rain comes down.

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