Saturday, July 04, 2009

never-ending cabbage and chipotle chilies

in our fruit and veg box last week we got 1/2 a head of cabbage. it was a VERY LARGE 1/2 head of cabbage. fortunately we like cabbage but it was HUGE (i wish i had a photo). i called zac at work yesterday to convince him that even though he was going for drinks after work, he still wanted to come home a cook dinner and not just pick up something on the way home. i told him we needed some kind of stew-y thing to use up the cabbage. i had already made a cabbage soup and cabbage rolls (both recipes from la dolce vegan) and there was still a huge amount left. i said i'd make some chipotle chili corn bread (from vegan planet) to go with the stew, zac just needed to use that cabbage up. he came home and put together a stew and we sat down and started eating. just before i finished my bowl i started talking about the left over cabbage rolls i'd had for lunch. it was then that i realized that the whole reason for making the stew hadn't happened-- the cabbage was still in the fridge! there was a bit of it that was already steamed and chopped so i threw that in to what was left of the stew but there is still a ton of cabbage in the fridge!
chipotle chilies have been my favourite food of the week. i don't know why i never got on to these before. i bought a small can of black beans in adobo sauce from the spanish deli a few weeks ago so i could try black beans in chipotle adobo sauce from veganomicon. they were sooooooo good!! now i've got the rest of the can to finish so i made the corn bread last nite (which is amazing too) and i think the rest will go into a potato recipe i saw in vegan planet. i think we'll have to swing by the spanish store again to get some more chipotle chilies in adobo sauce.

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