Wednesday, July 29, 2009

christmas in july

we spent last weekend at barwon heads with zac's dad's side of the family for a "chistmas in july" weekend. i didn't pull out my camera friday nite for christmas dinner but it was good. while most of the group dined on apparently "the best roast ever" zac, his cousin and i dined on amazingly good vegan tacos that his cousin made (she's vegetarian). she does pretty much the same as me with tvp, beans, tomatoes and taco seasoning but she also added in a can of refried beans-- it's really good that way. there was trivia where zac won "morning tea and a spa package" (an english breakfast teabag and some a travel packet of bath gel from the holiday house we were staying at).

when i got home and looked over my photos i had over 200 photos and only few (probably less than a dozen) with any of the 11 adults in them. the rest were scenery, children (there were 3) or dogs (4 fur balls).
jack taking a swim next to the barwon river:

axel and ziggy going crazy and having fun at the beach:

jasmine just being cute cuz that's what she does:
madison feeding her cousin:

lachlan playing footy at the house (which was RIGHT across the road from where we had our wedding reception):

bug-eyed madison:kade lookin a bit stunned (and very cool in his new beanie):

kade on the move:under the pier:

the view from where we got married:

the grass in the middle of the picture is where we got married:

beach shot walking around the bluff:

checkin out the stick:
following his big cousin:view of melbourne from port arlington:

jack passed out on the way home after a good weekend of swimming, playing, running and lots of attention:


Michelle Johnson said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Love the picture of Jack conked out after a hard day of playing. Hope all is well.

Sarah said...

love the kids! and nice close up of the rocks! and your header pictuer of your dog is really well laid out.