Thursday, July 16, 2009


the beast has been so lazy lately (i don't blame her, it's nice to be curled up and warm when it's cold). the other day when i came home for lunch i didn't hear her collar jingling on the other side of the fence (usually she hears me locking up my bike and gets up, shakes and runs to the back door). i figured she was inside. i walked in and no dog greeted me. i assumed she was on the couch and just being lazy but no dog there. i walked out the back door figuring she was asleep on her bed out there and didn't hear me. no dog there either. the only place left was our bedroom so i ran in there only to find her curled up in a "nest"she made on our bed with her jacket on. the next day i found her there again (but without jacket). she doesn't even bother to greet me (which is a good thing cuz we ignore her when we get home so it's nice when she reciprocates). we've been teaching her to sleep with her jacket on at nite because she'll be doing that at the kennel (she doesn't really have much control over body temperature so even though she's big and muscle-y she still gets cold at nite). we also don't re-tuck her in under her blanket if she gets up during the nite. it took a couple nites but now she doesn't even come to our bed if she gets up at nite (and the couple times she has jumped up during the nite we've just yelled out "go to bed" and she hops down and goes to bed).
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