Friday, July 24, 2009

more chipotle

i just had the best lunch (and now i'm procrastinating on the computer). i had one last chipotle in adobo sauce in the fridge (which somehow hadn't gone bad cuz i'm sure it's been at least 3 weeks). i decided to make smokey refried beans from vegan planet. i didn't have pinto beans but i figured kidney beans would also work well (they did). the recipe calls for 1 or 2 dried chipotle chilies but i used the 1 canned one i had left and the rest of the adobo sauce it was in. i made some rice, tore up some baby spinach and mixed it all with the beans in a bowl then topped it with a bit of nutritional yeast. sooooo good (but unfortunately no photos-- it wasn't a very photogenic meal when it was all mixed together, just brownish red chunky mush with bits of green).


Michelle Johnson said...

Your meal sounds like a good one. Reminds me of what can be found at the Chipotle restaurant.

Your dog is adorable. He looked so sweet laying in front of that space heater below.

Have a great day.

Sarah said...


Sarah said...

thanks shawna!! you just inspired my dinner menu! and I checked out that cookbook online and put a hold on it from the library! there are 2 copies and they are both out, plus there are 5 holds on it! must be a good book! :) I'm not vegan, but I am increasingly eating like one! :)