Saturday, August 08, 2009

vegan goodness

every time we come to portland i fall in love with the city more. it's so vegan friendly, bike friendly, eco-friendly...... i checked happy cow before we left to choose some vegan friendly places to eat. there are so many that i narrowed it down to purely vegan places and still printed off an entire page of places. i think my favourite so far was last nite at hungry tiger too. it's got the meat menu and then a separate vegan menu. i got to portobello burger which was huge and sooo tasty (although the marinate was a bit oily for me). zac got the vegan blt which he said was really nice. our friend brian got the vegan nachos which were REALLY good and "cheezy". i think lunch today may have to involve another vegan burrito if we don't end up at the wholefoods salad bar. i'll have more about our trip (and eventually photos) when we get to my mom's place in a few days.

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Sarah said...

oh wonderful! my friend becky is a raw vegan so we have checked out a few vegan restaurants in toronto. my favorite is "rawliciuos" it is so yummy and so cozy! and I can't believe how good the food is! they have a raw pizza, made with dehydrated buckwheat crust, that is just amazing!