Wednesday, August 26, 2009


we spent a week in victoria (including 2 days camping with my brother and his girlfriend). i took a LOT of pictures on the ferry ride to and from the island.

mount baker from the swartz bay ferry terminal before going back to vancouver (that was the first day we saw baker, it had been hidden in haze every time we were places we should be able to see it until that point):

approaching tsawwassen ferry terminal (and all the mountains just behind vancouver):

passing another ferry (one of the newer ferries):

my mom took us to goldstream for a walk. unfortunately we got caught (unprepared) in a heavy rain shower (it only lasted about 10 minutes but we were wet). i wasn't able to get many picutres cuz of the rain but here's one of a stump growing a tree ontop of it: the harbour (one of many shots):

the legislative buildings and a totem:
this was just at the end of my mom's street. there are a few deer that live in the neighbourhood since the wooded area they lived in behind our house (and the neighbours' houses) has been mostly cut down and houses have been built):

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