Friday, June 26, 2009


this "little" guy was in our house last week:
i started to take photos but only got 3 (and no really good ones) and then i started getting creeped out that he was gonna jump at me (as far as i know they don't jump but maybe this one knows how to do things the others don't). i would have tried to put an object next to him for size comparison but that would have required putting my hand close to him since he was on the wall. for an idea of his size, that rectangular shaped dent in the door frame that his back left leg is just touching is about 10 cent piece size across (nickle sized in north america). he was one of the bigger ones i've seen in the city (the get MASSIVE compared to this in the country).
today on facebook i saw this:
definitely looks like a huntsman but it's legs are HUGE! very creepy.

the one in our house-- i used a cup and piece of card to get it outside to the far end of our small garden and hoped it crawled into our neighbours shed and hid to avoid death by the neighbours hand. zac won't go anywhere near 8 legged things so that's my job. he does the cockroaches because for some reason they creep me out more than spiders.
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Beverly said...


That is much bigger than I would want to allow in my house. Do they bite?

shawna said...

they will only bite if you're annoying them and they aren't poisonous. i don't mind them just cuz i can tell right away what kind of spider it is and that it's not poisonous to people(a lot of spiders here are poisonous). the size of it is pretty creepy though. i don't think i'd feel the same way if i found one in my bed or crawling on me but generally these guys hang around walls if they come inside and outside they're either on trees or in crevices on cars

Brooke said...

If that was my house I would be totally debilitated by the presence of those things. I mean, Frozen in place and screaming. Gross.