Monday, June 15, 2009

how to flush

last week we realized some of the kids didn't know about the half flush and whole flush buttons on the toilets (in oz a lot of toilets have these 2 flush buttons to try to help save water). one girl who's a bit short said she didn't even see the 2 symbols on top of the tank until her friend pointed them out. we decided to do something about this. first i taped up the whole flush button on each toilet because they'd rarely need it (most of them tend not to flush at all). then came the group time discussion. the teacher started explaining the two buttons (using a quick diagram she drew up). i walked in and out of the room several times. the discussion was STILL going every time. it went on for at least 5 minutes (everyone talking about how their toilets flush since there's at least a 1/2 dozen varieties of toilet flushers here). it was kind of funny. the next day one of the parents came in and said that their child had taped up the full flush button on the top of their toilet at home. we just laughed. today i designed signs on the computer to stick on the front of the toilet tanks in the kids' bathroom so even the short kids can see which button is which.
now we just need to work on the kids making sure the tap is off when they walk away from the sink.

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