Monday, June 22, 2009

not so innocent

she looks cute and innocent (and maybe a bit bored) laying on her nemo (who is now short 1 eye, half of his deformed-nemo-fin and a good part of his tail fin). the usual routine when i come home from work is to open the back door to let wombat in then ignore her for several minutes. she usually just goes onto her bed (after sniffing my leg to make sure its really me) and chews her kong until i come say hello. today when i walked in the lounge room after a few minutes of ignoring her i noticed she was chewing something other than her kong. when i looked closely i realized she had a very cute little toy calf i was given as a promotional thing at the conference i was at a few weeks ago. the calf was too cute to bring into work (check out the link to a picture of it) so i still had it at home. it must have fallen on the floor and wombat discovered it. it is now missing the hoof on one leg, has a deformed leg in the front, a mangled head and only 1 ear. when i took it off her i just kept saying "that was my cow. you ate my calf!" she dropped down and went into submissive position (belly rub position). when zac held up the calf to her just now (4 hours later) she gave a nervous twitch of her leg (which she does when she thinks she's in trouble). he didn't even say anything-- he just held it up in front of her. fortunately she very rarely chews things she shouldn't (she did tear apart most of a hulk hogan action figure zac had, some of the rubber coating on one of my weights, and several different kinds of balls that the neighbours have accidentally tossed over the fence). she also doesn't eat anything she chews up, she just pulls it apart into a million tiny pieces and piles it on or next to her bed.
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Brooke said...

I caught Chica trying to eat the sprinkler this morning... Hmmmm.