Thursday, June 18, 2009

so nice

i'm so glad today is my RDO. first i got to sleep in and not have to deal with the 4.8C morning (and since zac had to get up for work the house was nice and warm by the time i made it out of bed after he left). just before noon i went up to the shops. by the time i came home it felt really nice and warm riding my bike (lately i've regretting not wearing gloves home for lunch on more than one occasion when i arrive home with cold, hurting hands). i thought about going for a ride up the creek but there was a bunch of things i needed to do around the house. i took wombat for a walk and both of us were a bit hot after walking at her extra fast pace and then running around the park a bit. i gardened for a bit when i got home and i have ALL the doors and windows open to get lots of fresh air in the house. its a nice break to have a warm sunny day after soo much fog, overcast sky and just being cold. i think i will have to start closing some of the open doors/windows though to keep the house warm as the temperature drops down again for the nite but at least we got some sun and an aired out house (although i did bake bread today and the house would have that nice bread smell if i didn't have everything open).

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