Thursday, June 25, 2009

i want a gun

i had this conversation with a boy at work today:
boy: i want to be a policeman when i grow up because i want to find where the baddies are....and cuz i like guns a lot.
me: police don't get to use their guns very often. they have to try a lot of other things first before they can use their guns on a baddie.
boy: oh. can they shoot at a tree?
me: no. they would get in trouble. they can't even shoot baddies unless nothing else was working.
boy: oh. maybe i don't want to be a policeman then. pirates get to have guns. maybe i'll be a pirate........ but they're baddies and if i was a pirate i'd have to shoot goodies. then i wouldn't have any friends and i'd have to eat yucky food (i never did get to ask him what yucky food pirates eat).
me: maybe you could be a policeman that just helps people.
boy: no. i want to use a gun.
um yeah.....
funny cuz he's not a boy who seems really into guns and violence (i actually wouldn't be surprised if 15 years from now i heard that this boy had become a very feminine, possibly gay man).


kristy said...

That's just a tad worrying considering that is our future!

Beverly said...

hilarious! Perhaps he'll become a marksman in the future. He seemed concientious of being a 'goodie', so I think he'll turn out okay :-) How about a job in the military? One of my favorite parts of being in Sea Cadets was shooting the guns.