Friday, April 03, 2009

one last time

i think summer decided it needed one last send off. the last week has been cool mornings (especially when i get up) and then warm-hot afternoons (and then cools pretty quickly most evenings as soon as the sun is gone)-- very early atumn-y. today's high was originally forecast as 23C. i think we hit that sometime around 4am. it feels so weird to be up at 7 and be almost too warm in a tshirt and jeans (and i'm pretty sure we're not gonna get back up to 25C today since we were at it before 6am) tomorrow's high is 18C-- that's 3C colder than it got overnite last nite!!!!! autumn is on it's way to kick summer out (and just in time for my week off). hopefully the change in weather will bring some good rain.

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Beverly said...

Just as you are cooling off, we are FINALLY starting to thaw. Only about 2 feet of snow left to melt...

I hope you get lots of gentle rainshowers.