Friday, April 17, 2009

i did it!

i've attempted to make bread twice before (one soda bread and one with yeast). both ended up as failures (VERY dense, non-rising loaves that also didn't seem to cook thru). today i decided to attempt "easy french bread" from la dolce vegan. i was worried right from the start that maybe the 1 packet of yeast the recipe called for may be a different size than north american sizes (because sometimes things are stupid like that). i tried to measure it (cuz sarah kramer also put the imperial dry measurement) but some of it stuck to the bowl (which apparently zac didn't get all his popcorn oil out of when he washed it). the measurement i got seemed to be less than the 2 1/2 tsp i needed (even trying to estimate and add in the yest stuck in the bowl). i decided to continue anyway. when i got to the baking part i pre-heated the oven for ages to be sure it was hot. i also set it about 10C higher than i should because i've started to realize our oven is a bit cold (one day i will get a proper oven thermometer to know exactly when the oven is the right temperature). i left it baking for about 5 minutes longer than the 20 minutes called for before i even checked on it. when i stuck the knife in it felt like it was going thru cooked, risen bread and it came out clean!! after letting it sit for 15 minutes i did the taste test. sooooo good. i think i'll be making some vegan "chicken" soup (also from la dolce vegan) for lunch tomorrow and french bread to go with it.
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