Wednesday, April 15, 2009

summer to winter

so yesterday was almost 29C. it stayed warm thru the evening and didn't even get too cold overnite (its actually colder outside now than it was at any point during the nite). today we have a maximum of 18C i don't know if we're even going to get to that with these COLD strong winds (apparently 18C is supposed to happen before lunch time and then its all downhill from there). i woke up to winds banging and rattling everything this morning and then rain. not good rain but rain that would just wet the top layer of soil in the garden (it just kinda sounded like someone was spraying our house with a hose). i'm going from singlet to fuzzy hoodie (as well as socks and shoes instead of flip flops) in less than 24 hrs 8(. at least the rest of the week isn't as bad as today.

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