Thursday, April 30, 2009

it's not supposed to be winter yet

today was the coldest april morning in melbourne for decades (or maybe it was the coldest morning on record-- i can't remember). the graph above says 3.1 but it was less than 3C in the city(by us) and with the wind chill it was below freezing (the dew on the cars today was actually ice). its so cold now in the morning that our stupid computer (which has issues) won't run. we think its something to do with the graphics card. on a normal day we turn the computer on, the screen goes funny after it loads up, we leave it 5 minutes, restart and it works fine. when it's colder we have to leave it longer. when its REALLY cold (like under 10C) it takes 30 minutes or more before it will restart properly (maybe it's time to look into getting that fixed). the last 4 days before today haven't hit 15C (apparently the first time 4 consecutive april days like that since the 60s). the mountains have also had a decent dump of snow this week (i think the season doesn't officially open for 6 weeks). this afternoon was amazing though. warm, sunny-- so nice to be outside (the dog got an extra big walk). hopefully the worst of the cold is over for a while. i don't do well with winter.

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