Monday, April 06, 2009

wet and cold

i know it's not actually cold but it feels SOOOO cold (especially overnite). we had some REALLY good storms on friday. i went home for lunch a bit early because a storm was heading in (i had no rain gear with me and i really didn't want to be out with lightning). the rain started coming down a couple minutes after i got home. after i ate the storm got going with LOTS of thunder and lightning. me and wombat sat in the laundry room with the back door open watching the rain POUR down and the flashes of lightning. some of them were pretty close. there was one point where a HUGE flash of lightning went and less than a second later a MASSIVE crash of thunder came. both me and wombat looked at each other with wide eyes-- it was kind of scary. funny that she's not really scared of thunder storms (she continued to watch with me after that). she's scared of the wind, doesn't know how to react to other dogs..... but big bangs and flashes of light from nowhere aren't a problem. meanwhile, my coworkers were trapped in the covered area at the back of the yard (they had gone outside just as i went home for lunch). the main teacher just huddled all the kids in close and started singing songs with them (and she did pretty well at hiding her own fear when the storm got really close and loud). fortunately the kids did well (most of them wouldn't remember any storms like this one) but apparently the 2 assistants with her were pretty scared. we had another storm pass thru during rest time but again the kids did well (i did sit with one little girl who was huddled under her blanket on her mat with her hands over her ears-- she fell asleep a couple minutes after i sat with her). unfortunately i don't think much of the rain actually made it into the catchment areas but maybe we'll have lots of good rain storms this winter and get the water levels up(?)

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