Wednesday, April 08, 2009

why didn't i try them before?

the other nite i decided to make fajitas. i based them on this recipe but replaced the beef/chicken with tofu (i did intend to use vegan "chicken" but the asian grocery store near us that carries it was out). i marinated the tofu in the sauce for an hour or so (only cuz i cut it up then remembered that zac was coming home late). i also wanted some vegan sour cream but we couldn't find it the other nite and i couldn't remember which supermarket carries it (not sure if the one we were at was just out or if i usually get it from one of the other 2 that we go to). i did make some great guacamole though and we had a bit of cheezely and chopped tomatoes. after we started eating them i thought: i don't think i've ever had fajitas (maybe once but considering how much i LOVE mexican food i don't know why i don't have them often). they were really good. unfortunately no pictures because i was really hungry by the time we ate and i didn't realize how good they were gonna be.

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