Thursday, March 26, 2009

on the same page

yesterday was the most horrible day at work. it wasn't really anything big (mostly) but a lot of repeated little things (several difficult children that were at their worst), an issue between some staff, a photographer trying to get children's photos (even on the best day that's gonna be somewhat disruptive but on a bad day.....). i pretty much ran out of the building at the end of the day (10 minutes after i was supposed to because of issues). i got home and poured a nice big glass of wine (i learned that white wine doesn't seem to go off after it's opened-- i had a bottle of white in the fridge that when i pulled it out i realized it was opened and i hadn't touched it for a month or so. it smelled good and tasted good). that relaxed me a bit. then when zac got home we went for a his belated birthday dinner which was really good (lots of tamarind "fish" at white lotus).
today when i got in to work, me and my morning co-worked debriefed. we both had left work yesterday feeling the day was horribly stressful. when my afternoon co-worker came in we also talked about it (and i assured her that so far today had been really nice and i was feeling much better about work). even though we all agreed that the day was HORRIBLE yesterday it was oddly comforting to know our whole team felt it. we (me and my afternoon co-worker) both feel really bad for our other co-worker from yesterday who doesn't work today. even though she had today as a break from kinder she doesn't get to see how nice and quite thursdays can be (especially after the most horrible wednesday ever).


Beverly said...

I hope the rest of the week has gone better.

Have you seen this month's National Geographic? It has a lengthy article about the water crisis in Australia. It's an interesting read. I'd love to hear your take on it.

shawna said...

the rest of the week has definately been better (i did have horrible headaches for most of my 3 day weekend which i'm pretty sure were stress related but the headaches are gone and work is going good-- 2 days til school holidays!)
i don't think i have this month's yet (i have a subscription but i think they bring them out by sea mail). i'm about 2 months behind on reading but i'll read that one when it gets here (i've been waiting for more articles about australia).