Wednesday, March 11, 2009

golden plains (and the greenest grass ever)

i was hoping some of our friends would upload some photos i could steal borrow but so far there's nothing (we didn't take the slr and our compact one isn't working well enough to bother taking along). i did manage to find a couple flickr shots from the aunty meredith photostream of the camping area (as seen from the top of the meredith eye-- ferris wheel) and the amphitheatre: (both photos by Mia Mala McDonald)
it was a good festival weekend though. the only rain we saw was a bit of drizzle for about 5 minutes just before we arrived at the gates. it was FREEZING at nite though (i think it got to 5C on sunday nite). fortunately i prepared for the cold nites and had gloves and a beanie and LOTS of layers (was still pretty cold sitting at the campsite after the sun went down but the amphitheatre was ok). the days weren't too hot (only 22C) which was good but the sun was quite warm when it actually came out. there were a lot of good bands playing (including a couple i'd never heard of but i was glad we were hanging around the amphitheatre and heard them): mogwai, black mountain, the drones, my disco, bridezilla, old crow medicine machine, luluc, you am i.....
the amphitheatre was covered in the thickest, greenest grass i think i've seen since the last time we were in canada. it was amazing. so soft and good for sitting in. it was looking pretty trampled and dirty by the end of the weekend but it was still there and mostly alive. of course the camping areas were EXTREMELY dry and dusty but i'm sure the rain we'd had over the week before the festival probably cut down the dust a bit from what it could have been.
it was a good weekend though. good bands. good friends. good weather. lots of fun.

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