Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wombat's week

wombat had a great time in paynesville. her "grand'dog'ma" had the side gate up so wombat was free to roam the yard when she felt like it and stayed out when we weren't home (she's always had to be locked in the laundry while we're out in the past). unfortunately there was a bit of a mozzie problem and when we came home to check up on her christmas afternoon she was covered in huge lumps. they went down by evening though and she didn't seem bothered by them.
we took wombat to eagle point to swim a few times. we discovered she isn't much of a swimmer. she tiptoes out as far as she can get and as soon as she put her head forward to get the ball or stick her head goes under and her butt comes up. she's a bit top-heavy in the head area.

she loved playing fetch in the backyard though:

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