Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas festivities and dogs

zac and i got to have 6 days in paynesville over christmas. it involved a lot of food, drinks and time to relax. i think i've figured out the secret to getting thru the festive season without feeling horrible from too much food: grazing. for 3 days there was a pretty constant supply of food and drink. when we had christmas lunch and boxing day dinner (a second christmas dinner for some family that arrived that day) i just had small portions (and continued to go back for more over the next few hours). i probably still ate the same HUGE amount of food but at least i felt good (and i still haven't gained back the weight i lost from pneumonia)
christmas day also involved a few rounds of bocce (stupid hats optional):

the poor (overdressed) left over turkey:

sha and alice (it was probably alice's last christmas-- she's pretty old and feeling her age):

ziggy, sha and axel at the beach:

axel went for a BIG swim after this photo was taken, shaw and ziggy just swam in the shallow bits. poor wombat had to stay at the house cuz she doesn't like other dogs (she did get to meet her cousins axel and ziggy the next day thru a car window. she seemed ok with them but they were a few metres away from her).

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Aline C. said...

Hello! I'm from Brazil and I found your blog surfing the Internet. I love dogs too and I have too dogs in my house :)
Happy New Year to you and your family :)