Sunday, December 14, 2008

2 years

yesterday marked 2 years that wombat has been living with us (and makes her about 3 years old). the other day i was looking at this post about her when we first got her back for good.
it doesn't seem like she's much different than she's always been but looking back i guess she has learned a few things.
i love this photo (taken 2 years ago):

she NEVER would sleep like that now!
she knows basic commands a lot better (except "heel" which she's still just a big, pully ox when we go out a lot of the time). she also understands a lot of random phrases and words:
*go to dog's bed (when she's on our bed)
*on your chair
*car ride (which she only gets maybe once every couple months but knows the word and bolts to the door even if we were just discussing it between us and not her)
*meat (and we refer to the landlord's mum next door as the "meat lady" cuz she brings around leftover meat for wombat occasionally-- now wombat is conditioned that any time the doorbell rings it means the meat lady is bringing over the good stuff. she was very disappointed that my hands were empty after some random rang the bell yesterday wanting to discuss green energy with me)
there's probably more words she knows but these are the ones we use often.
she knows the general routine of the day and settles fairly well. she'll demand walks if she thinks they're due to her. she demands food if i eat my dinner and then get busy and forget to serve her as soon as i'm done. she knows she needs to wait for the people to eat first before she gets served (and she's getting good at understanding us going back for seconds and just lays and waits until we tell her it's time for her dinner instead of running to the kitchen as soon as one of us stands up). when we pick up her kong (she also knows the names of several toys and will go get the right one (usually) when you tell her to get a specific one) and put a bit of peanut butter inside she runs out the back door (while we're in the kitchen) and sits and waits for her kong to be brought out to her (what we do a lot of the time before we leave). i guess that means she doesn't have anxiety issues with us leaving or she would run and hide when we peanut butter up the kong.
she's a good girl. hopefully over the next few years she'll learn to trust us even more that we won't let other animals hurt her and she doesn't need to be afraid of them.

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