Friday, December 12, 2008


its supposed to be summer. its been mostly grey and on and off rain for a few days. above is the rain radar (funny how right around the airport in the centre is a clearing in the rain). we're just above the dot marked "melbourne" (the city centre). i don't think the rain is going anywhere anytime soon. we would just stay home and curl up on the couch with dvds but zac's work christmas party is tonite. its always a good one (although last year's party got the organization banned from hiring the fitzroy lawn bowls again). i'm kinda sad that all these chrismas parties are happening with grey and rain even though summery weather makes it hard for it to feel like christmas is near. i like being able to wear summer-y things to the parties (if we decide to brave it and ride in tonite we'll be arriving in full rain gear-- jacket and pants as well as winter shoes).
tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and stormy most of the day. i plan on staying on the couch watching the entire new family guy dvd that just arrived in the mail yesterday.

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Beverly said...

A wet Christmas should remind you of Victoria!

Enjoy your new DVD.