Sunday, December 14, 2008

when missing out on tickets might be a good thing

its barely stopped raining more than a few minutes or so at a time since it started raining friday afternoon. meridith is this weekend. if i had joined the ticket line 5 or 10 minutes earlier than i did, we would have had tickets and we would be there now. i'm sure we'd still be having fun but everything would be very wet and muddy and i'm sure i would have been very cold most of the weekend (even though i would have packed many layers and all my waterproof gear).
instead of being outside and braving the rain we stayed inside and watched way too much tv. i watched an episode of the whale wars and a doco on the jonestown massacres before zac got up. we watched the entire 7th season of the family guy (the dvd just came out here), some of the special features and an episode of the hollowmen. i don't think i'll be watching much tv for a while after the amount my brain took in yesterday.
by 9am yesterday we'd had 36.2 mm of rain (the highest 24 hr rainfall since feb 06). we've had another 22mm since then. hopefully this will top up our very low water storage areas a bit but unless this kind of rain continues for days or weeks i think we've still got a big water problem.

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