Thursday, December 11, 2008


last nite we went to the mountain goats gig. it was in this weird new venue that's more of a niteclub than a place for a band like mountain goats (or teeth and tongue who opened for them) but it did have lots of good places to see the band (and stupid bright lighting that was shining in our eyes on and off thruout the nite). we were right near the front and after a few people shifted i could actually see the band (that's been a really big peeve of mine lately and has actually made me not go to shows--- i ALWAYS end up with some really tall guy RIGHT in front of me and can't see a thing). unfortunately 3/4 of the way thru mountain goats set i suddenly got liteheaded. this used to happen occasionally at gigs (i've passed out at few gigs too). most of the time i've assumed it was smoky rooms but that hasn't been an issue since the smoking ban finally came in. it hasn't happened for several months or more. it was weird because usually it comes on slowly and i spend 5 minutes or so trying to convince myself i'm alright and then it gets bad and i move to the back of the room and find somewhere to sit. last nite i was fine and then suddenly the lites that had been going around for the song that was ending just started to really annoy me and make me dizzy. i looked down so i wouldn't see them. the feeling wouldn't go away. i looked up so i could get air. that didn't help. i told zac and turned and started pushing my way back thru the crowd. i found a space several meters from where we were that was open and had a fan blowing. i thought i'd be ok there but after a few seconds i realized i needed to sit. i started going back further and zac followed. just before i collapsed i found a step to sit on in a spot where security wouldn't tell me i was in the way and needed to stand. i sat for a couple minutes, felt fine, stood up, got dizzy, sat down for several minutes, stood up and felt fine the rest of the gig. i was sad we had to move from a spot where i could actually see (the new spot was kind of behind a mirrored post) but the gig was still good. not sure why i occasionally get these dizzy spells (there could be several reasons) . at least it doesn't freak zac out if i pass out (i think the last time i passed out he was so calm about it that it kinda scared the other people around him).


Beverly said...

Well, I'm glad Zac is calm with the spells. Too bad you missed out on a good spot to watch.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Doctor!!! Glad you're okay but get yourself checked!