Tuesday, December 30, 2008

paynesville and beyond

some photos from around paynesville.
the last lite of the day over lake victoria:

the lake had algae that glowed when stirred up (phosphorescence) so we went down a few times to see it. the first nite we took wombat. the sand on the lake shore had the algae and when she walked little glowing footprints would appear for a few seconds. the second nite we went out on a friend's boat. there was a aqua/greenish spray along the sides of the boat and what looked like 2 blue flames shooting off the motors in the back. i had seen phosphorescence in the ocean but never as bright as this-- it was pretty amazing.

sailing (or just sitting on the bow while we drift along):

some clouds:

a koala on raymond island (the island is covered in koalas):
seagull on a pier:
lakes entrance (i've never seen the beach so busy but i've also never been there on a hot day in the middle of christmas):
pelican feeding in metung (a guy feeds them every day at noon):
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Beverly said...

Here's some Non-Spam for you ;-) I'm glad you had a good holiday and felt well. The pics are great.