Friday, November 14, 2008

a taste of home

last week i placed an order with u.s.a. foods. it arrived today!!! i've gone to their shop twice in the past but now they've moved even further away on the other side of town (it was a bit of a trek by public transport or car) so i decided it was worth the petrol or public transport fees and time saved to just pay the shipping costs. i spent a lot less online than i would walking into their shop (after spending close to an hour getting there, i need to justify it with a big bag of expensive food i can't get anywhere else in the city). it's still pretty pricey (like $15 for a box of cheerios!!!) but well worth it (especially since this will be my last box of cheerios before going fully vegan). i also got a coffee crisp (coffee flavour and chocolate together.......mmmmmm), some dark chocolate m&m's (which i didn't know existed but i used to always getting the "mini baking m&m's" which are dark chocolate so i'm sure the big version will be good too) and some cinnamon tic tacs for zac because he loves anything cinnamon flavoured and australia doesn't generally do that flavour (they also don't do chocolate and peanut butter together but zac's makes that for us a lot). i can't wait until after dinner so i can have a nice big bowl of cheerios and a few m&m's.
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Beverly said...

I never thought that the food would be that different. Enjoy your cheerios!