Monday, November 03, 2008

our furry baby

the other day zac took some photos of wombat playing. among the dozens of photos of her using her paws to hold down the toy while she pulled up with her mouth were these 2: about a second before zac took the photo below the brown thing in her mouth(a de-stuffed wombat) was inside the gray thing in the background (a faceless koala). she was shaking her head around violently when zac snapped the photo.
one day i'll have to get a photo of all her toys. she has about a half dozen soft toys from savers-- all of them defaced and mostly gutted (occasionally we stuff her de-stuffed soft toys into the koala for her to pull out again). she has a system when she gets the toy. she rips at its face (always its face) until she gets a hole big enough to pull at its insides. then she pulls out bits of fluff and spits it out into a pile next to her. she never chews or swallows any of the toys or their insides.
she's been very good about me being sick. only once in the past 2 weeks has she asked/demanded a walk from me and that was when i got dressed and brushed my teeth before going to the doctor one day. i walked out of the bathroom and she assumed since i was dressed when i brushed my teeth that it meant walk for her (unfortunately for her it actually meant she was being put in the backyard with her kong toy). when zac was sick yesterday and neither of us could walk her she didn't ask either of us once. poor girl had a very lazy day of sleeping on the couch, her chair and the bed but i think she knew why she was having a walk-less day (i think that's only the second or third time she's ever had a walk-less day when me and zac are around).

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