Friday, November 07, 2008


we've spotted a few creatures in our house in the past week. of course i had to pull out the camera and get some pictures.
zac spotted this black house spider eating a fly:

its a fairly big spider (that fly was a decent sized fat house fly)

i'd briefly seen it a couple days earlier when i walked into the kitchen and the vibration of my foot stepping on the tiles sent it running up its web into the corner of the window frame where i couldn't see it (they're very timid spiders). you could tell it was very wary of me with the camera so close to it but it must have been really hungry cuz it kept working on its meal.
today i spotted a ladybug (or ladybird as they call them here) while i was in the laundry room. it let me pick it up and carry it around the house so i could get the camera and set up a good photo setting (white paper) but then it got all fussy about the white paper and just wanted to crawl on the carpet:
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