Monday, November 03, 2008

getting there

the antibiotics are working and as long as i'm sitting i'm fine. walking is still an effort (after i walk a short distance--like the length of the house-- i'm breathing a lot harder than i should have to).
i got worried the nite before last nite when zac woke me up in the middle of the nite saying he was shivering he was so cold. his skin was soooooo HOT. he had a fever (which is what i started with before it was really pneumonia). i spent the rest of the nite worried that both of us were going to be too sick to do anything. i still can't cook (it's exhausting) and i needed him to be well enough to go to one clinic today to pick up my xrays and then get a flexicar and drive me to the other clinic to get more antibiotics. fortunately after resting all day yesterday he seems to be completely fine and was able to cook, drive and run other errands for me today (he has been sooooo good at taking care of me the past couple weeks).
zac still thinks i need to see a different doctor at the first clinic. today when i went in one of the things i needed him to do was write a certificate for work. he thought about it a minute and said "how bout friday-- do you think you should be able to work on friday?". he knows what i do for a living. i just reinforced that my job is quite demanding and i already got sent home once in the past 2 weeks for not being 100% (i felt way sicker that day than i do now though). so he wrote the certificate for the entire week expecting that i should be able to work monday. i'd love to be able to be back at work on monday but not if i'm not well enough. i'll see how i go this week but if i'm still not well enough monday i'll be going to a different doctor (probably at the non-bulk bill clinic) to get another certificate (the doctor at the non-bulk bill clinic told me i need to spend at least one day at home feeling 100% before i am well enough to go back to work).

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