Tuesday, November 11, 2008


i'm getting there. i went back to work yesterday and so far have made it thru 2 days ok. i got a bit worried on the weekend about going back because saturday we tried to walk about 1km to a coffee shop and i was "panting" (as zac put it) and had to walk really slowly. when we got to the coffee shop and again back home i had coughing attacks. i figured if i didn't improve on that quickly there was no way i could even get to work on monday (even if i was ok enough to be sitting and moving around at work). sunday we got up and walked about 1km again to get coffee and i was fine. then we walked a few kms around the neighbourhood and hung out at a couple pubs with friends all afternoon and evening (i wasn't drinking though). i was fine. other than really struggling with getting to sleep at a normal hour the past couple nites i've been ok too (sunday nite my brain just wouldn't stop thinking-- until about 2:30 am, and last nite i kept coughing when i layed down so i just sat up in bed until after midnite). i go back to the doctor on thursday and i'm hoping he'll realize that i'm gonna need more antibiotics (i can tell there's still a bit of remaining pneumonia). the casual i've been working with the past 2 afternoons just had pneumonia too and is on her 4th dose of antibiotics! (i'm hoping 3 will do it for me).
thursday (if my normal afternoon co-worker is actually back) will be our first day together with our full team in 3 weeks!! apparently last week the morning teacher was the only regular staff in our room for 2 days (meaning she also had to do 10 hr shifts those days since we can't just put 2 or 3 casuals in a room together alone). it'll be good when everyone is well again.

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Beverly said...

I'm glad you're starting to mend.