Friday, November 28, 2008


most of wombat's come from the soft toy section at savers (its actually value village-- the font and colour on the signs, the tags and even the layout of the store is the same and it actually says "value village" on their gift vouchers). last nite i went up there and zac specifically asked me to get wombat a new toy to destroy. i searched thru the soft toys looking for one that wasn't new looking that wasn't more than $1.99 (they start there and the prices go up). i found i small cow that i wasn't too impressed with but i decided to get it. later (i spent an hour wondering in the quiet store), i was wondering thru the furniture section in the back and noticed a large shelf high up FILLED with gigantic soft toys. i noticed one massive bear was tagged $1.99 (it was WAY to big to go on my bike though). i d shuffled a few things around and found a pretty ratty looking nemo and he was only $1.99!!! (and i could squash it in my bag). wombat has never had a toy this big. it's been pretty funny watching her with it.
carrying nemo:

chewing nemo:

resting with nemo:
we gave her nemo at lunch today (before that we just left nemo on the back of the couch and told her "gentle" and "for later". she actually listened (i even left her alone with nemo while i showered 5 minutes after showing it to her and placing it on the couch). nemo is still pretty much intact. a couple of his fins are looking pretty chewed and a bit torn and the eyes are pretty slobbery but i think its actually a bit challenging for her. i think i'll be shopping in the furniture section of savers for her toys from now on.
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Beverly said...

That is a pretty sizable catch!

Brooke said...

I've given up giving Chica soft toys... they last um, about 3 min before they are totally dead....

Laura Jayne said...

That last picture is about the cutest thing ever. :)