Friday, September 05, 2008


a couple months ago i had the cough that just wouldn't leave (it was a virus). after almost 5 weeks it finally started to go away. since i had the flu 3 weeks ago i've had a lingering cough. it felt the same as the viral one i had just gotten over. this week it changed. at first i liked the new cough. it was slightly phlegm-y and was much less effort than the dry one. then it got worse. i've been having horrible attacks most nites causing me to feel sick to my stomach and even vomit. yesterday i decided i need to see a doctor. i called the clinic where my doctor is yesterday morning. i knew i wouldn't get to see my doctor (she's only in a couple days a week and it usually takes a couple weeks to see her) and i thought i might have to wait until today to even get an appointment but i was told there was only 1 doctor on yesterday and today (usually i think 3-5 doctors are on). the receptionist said she'd call me if anything came up. i didn't hear anything. this morning i planned on calling as soon as they opened to make sure i was #1 on the waiting list. before they even opened the director suggested/insisted i call the clinic up the road from work. i got in and even got an appointment right after work so i didn't have to worry about somebody covering my shift at all. unfortunately that clinic doesn't bulk bill which means i have to pay upfront and 1/2 the money will be reimbursed by medicare next week (my entire fee is covered by medicare at doctors that bulk bill). the doctor saw me for 5 min or so and concluded it was a virus. there's nothing i can do. she did give me a prescription but said not to rush out and fill it because it's not likely to help if its a virus. at least i have a 4 day weekend (i gave up my r.d.o. this week in exchange for getting 2 days of my choice off next week) to help me relax and hopefully recover.

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